Business with Governments in Africa

We help Chinese and European enterprises to develop effective business in Africa, for any project related to a Government approval or bid. We have the ability, the knowledge and the network to support organizations doing business in Africa in a fast and efficient way.
  • Countries:
    Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Algeria.
    Railways, roads, expressway, bridges, ports, airports, hospitals, theaters, stadiums, telecoms, hydroelectric dams, electrical power, social housing, standing housing.
    To get license for large farming or agriculture projects or to buy land for agriculture projects.
    Mining and minerals:
    To get license for ore, copper, coltan, uranium and gold mining.
    To source and negotiate crude oil for trading or to get permit to create a refinery in Africa.
    Chinese heavy machinery and Chinese equipments:
    To sale to African governments through direct sales or international bids.
  • We help selecting projects according to financing required by the Chinese company and support it during the whole bidding process: China allowed several credit lines to support Africa and enable financing. Most of the projects we can help are eligible to such China financing. Some other projects can received local government sovereign state guarantee. In 2014, African Bank for Development and the People’s Bank of China signed an agreement to create an investment fund of 2 billion US$. This fund, named “Africa Growing together Fund”, is devoted to finance development projects in Africa, with or without sovereign guarantee. Some other possibilities are B.O.T (Build Operate Transfer), P.P.P (Public Private Partnership) or B.O.O (Build Own Operate).
  • From the initial step of bid until the end we are familiar with process. Country by country, process maybe different, we are familiar too with such differences and way to succeed. We help during the whole negotiation process to get the required approvals. Very often, documents are in French language that makes the process more complicated than in English.